Keston C36 Boiler Repairs
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We specialise in Keston C36 Boiler repairs, installations and servicing in London and the surrounding areas of the M25.

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The Keston C36 boiler is designed to be very straightforward to operate, yet has no user-serviceable parts inside the cabinet. To ensure continual safe and efficient operation of your Keston C36 boiler and to maintain product warranties, it is a requirement that the appliance is checked and serviced at least once per year by a qualified boiler engineer. So call today and arrange an appointment for your Keston C36 Boiler repair on 020 8994 4053.

Below are example some fault codes that might help with diagnosing your Keston C36 Boiler repair needs. Regardless of the issue though, and especially if your fault code isn’t listed – be sure to get in touch so we can get the issue resolved sooner.

E01 Ignition failure – the Keston C36 boiler has attempted to light five times and not succeeded – check
the gas supply is on.
E02 False flame – There is possibly a problem with the power supply.
E03 Boiler overheat – Check that any valves to the heating circuit have not been shut down,
that there is no air in the system and that the water pressure is correct…
E24 Water pressure losses – You have topped up the water pressure more than 4 times in 24 hours. You may have a leak on the system…
E26 Flame drop out – Check for obstruction of the flue and/or air terminals, blockage/freezing of the drain pipe or a low gas supply (LPG).
E34 Mains supply voltage < 180V – There may be a problem with your power supply.
E35 Mains supply frequency incorrect – There may be a problem with your power supply.
E37 Water pressure error – You must top up the water pressure for your system.
E40 Water pressure too high – You have put too much water pressure in your system.

All our Keston C36 Boiler engineers are qualified, professional and carry the right tools and resources for the work involved. We also specialise in other Keston boiler repairs including:

  • Celcius 25
  • Qudos 28/S
  • C40
  • C55
  • C90
  • C110
  • Duet Condensing Boiler
  • Unvented Cylinders

All Keston C36 Boilers are SEDBUK A-rated boilers reducing your gas bill by 30%. All our engineers are GAS-SAFE registered with many years experience within the heating industry.